March 15, 2014

Jeremy Raymer is pleased to announce that he has been featured on The Fighters Hub website. Click here for the original article, or read the text below.


Check out the 18th fighter to be profiled on The Fighters Hub “Fighter Profiles”:

Name: Jeremy Raymer

Nickname: JRay

Age: 25

Country of Origin: United States

Gym: Korea Taekwondo Academy (KTA)

Weight Class: Welter (-80kg)

Promotions Fought For: USAT, AAU

How did your Taekwondo journey commence?

My mom wanted to find a better way to direct my energy as a young kid instead of acting out and damaging things around the house.

What is it about Taekwondo that attracts you to the sport? 

It’s a sport that tests your mental and physical fortitude. Also it’s one of two Martial Arts that’s an official Olympic sport.

Who was your favourite fighter growing up? 

David Bartlett – US Army

What sort of a fighter would you say you are?

I’m an Olympic Style Taekwondo Fighter

What has been your most memorable moment in Taekwondo thus far? 

My most memorable moment so far was winning my first medal at the National Championships in 2010 qualifying me for World Championship Team Trials.

You have an affiliation with Redemption Martial Arts – why did you choose to support this great cause?

I chose to support this cause for several reasons. So many kids and young adults these days have taken their lives because of bullying. And bullying is something that can be prevented if we can reach out and connect with these individuals, and I want to be a part of something that is bigger than me. One, I was bullied as a young kid and teenager and want to see/give kids what it takes for them to not be a victim of bullying. Two, I have seen many of my friends be bullied and I wasn’t able to step in when I was younger because I didn’t know what to do, and I don’t want that to be reason for kids today to not help out their friends. Three, there are kids I teach Taekwondo to who do get bullied but because schools today have a zero tolerance for “fighting” or even defending yourself physically I want to arm them with better or more ways for them to be able to defend themselves.

For potential promotions or sponsors out there – what separates you from the rest of the fighters in the sport?

What sets me a part is that I not only train for competitions but I balance a full-time course load at my University studying Exercise Science to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach while also working two jobs. Most of my competitors don’t do anything but train for competitions.

Your dream fight – who would it be?

Aaron Cook – Isle of Man

What would you say is your penultimate goal in Taekwondo?

To make the Olympic Team and compete for the USA on the biggest stage for my sport.

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