Last month (February) I was approached by Redemption Martial Arts (RMA) to join their movement against bullying as an Ambassador. At the beginning of this month (March) I decided it was time that I joined the movement as this is something that I feel very close to.

From a young age through High School I have known what it is like to be bullied both verbally and physically, in addition to also seeing close friends of mine become victims to bullying as well. Through continued training in Martial Arts while growing into the person I am today I have found my confidence to stand up for myself and others when I need to do so.

What I have come to realize over the years is that one of the keys to stop bullying is to carry yourself with confidence. When bullies see us walk with confidence they see us as strong individuals, and that is not something they care to mess with. Bullies are weak by nature and only care to pick on those who appear to be weaker than them as they are hunting for prey. Do not be an easy target by not carrying yourself with confidence this is the simplest tool to arm yourself with that does not take months or years of training.

I will continue to post to this blog and provide additional information on how to Rise Up Against Bullying. So please stay tuned to this page.

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