square sparringHave you ever wondered what it takes to get to the next level of your sport? Wondered what the athlete down the street or across town is doing to get one step ahead of you to Unlevel the playing field for the next season? Well I have! As an athlete who competes in a non mainstream sport like Taekwondo, I always wondered what it would take to be better than the person standing across the ring from me.

I got my answer in 2005 when I found a Sports Performance Training facility 5 minutes down the street from where I live in Indianapolis, and that place was Acceleration Indiana, a member of the Athletic Republic for  20 years. Through science they have developed protocols for just about every sport imaginable to give the athlete that added edge they need for the upcoming season or to maintain their current level for the season already in progress.

I got my first taste of what it was like to be put through a basic program to increase my speed, agility, strength and power. In a matter of weeks, I started to see small changes in my conditioning level and my performance during my sport specific practices at my Taekwondo school KTA. After the program was over, I went through the post test and had results that blew my pretest results out of the water. I knew from this point forward I had found what it took to Unlevel the playing field for the next competition.

By 2010, I was being put through the same protocols that the Pros, Olympians and World Champions were being put through. During that year, I sealed berth into my first U.S. National Team Trials by placing 3rd at the National Championships – due in large part to that intense training. Even now, I am still training and becoming better everyday I go to the facility.

If you would like to experience what I have found to be the only way to get the edge over your competition try giving the facility closest to you a call. Or if you’re in the area come train with me at @accelindy. Not sure where to find the nearest facility in your area, then contact @AthRepublic on Twitter and they will get you set up with the information you need.

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