Yesterday I officially started my preparation for the US Nationals. This year Nationals will be held in San Jose, Ca. during the first week of July. I will be fighting on July 4th this year and trying to qualify for my third trip to the US Team Trials and in a new weight class.

At the beginning of the year I decided to return to the Welter Weight division where my Taekwodno journey started, and I feel that this will be my home for the remainder of my career. To make the division I will have to drop approximately 10lbs by July 3rd, which won’t be much of an issue as we are now in the middle of April. I hope to be on weight by the beginning of June so that I have a month to get use to my fight weight, and so that I won’t have to do any harsh weight cutting the week before like the majority of my competitors will be doing.

To get a baseline of where I’m at with my weight and body composition today I went and had a BOD POD done and came back with good numbers to use throughout my training and preparation. The results were as follows: Height 72″, Total Weight 184.1lbs, Fat Weight 9.1lbs, Lean Weight 175.0lbs, Percent Lean 95.0%, Percent Fat 5.0%. I will do several follow up BOD PODs to make sure that I’m staying healthy as I’m preparing for competition.

As we get closer to the competition I will continue to take you deeper into my training, diet and mental preparation via this blog and/or a vlog. So please stay tuned to follow me on my way to Nationals, it will be an exciting road.

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