This 30 Day Leg Challenge will leave you with “Glutes and Legs for Days,” so get ready to build strength and tone with some of the largest muscles in your body. ¬†Comment below or on Facebook to let me know if you’re joining in!

When we we train, we go hard. So make sure that you do lunges on both sides, equally. Yes, that means 50 Lunges on each side for Day 1 and so on!

Not sure how to do each exercise? Here’s a few resources that I found online that teach proper form.
How to do a Squat
How to do a Lunge
How to do a Calf Raise

If you want to kick up the difficulty and go #BeastMode, add weights to these exercises.

It's the best 30 Day Leg Challenge. Feel the burn!

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  1. Amber Onorato    

    I started the 30 day challenges on Tuesday, it’s now Thursday and I just finished day 3. I have never felt such instant results in my life! My legs, core, and glutes are on fire!!!!! I love this program and hope to see results soon!!

    1. Jeremy    

      I hope you enjoyed the challenge. How did you feel by the end of everything? What other challenges would you like me to post?

  2. BriAnna Ra e Offt    

    I’d love to start this today!

  3. April Miller    

    Ok, I just have one question. I’m on day 3 of the challenge, and I am definitely feeling the results. I have one concern. I’m losing quite a bit of weight right now. My legs have always been my problem area. Should I wait until I lose weight to do this? I want my legs toned and strong, but I want them slim too. Am I preventing them from slimming down?

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