As we know, bullying comes in many forms, and the most common forms we think of are verbal and physical. Physical Bullying is usually the easiest to spot during the act or after something has happened. However, Verbal Bullying is the most difficult form to spot as it can be hidden pretty well by most people who are afraid to share the experience or are embarrassed that it happened to them. But sometimes bullying can be indirect, when someone close to you like a family member was verbally or physically bullied would still have an affect on you even though it didn’t directly happen to you. It is important to realize and remember that we are all targets and need to take the steps to not become a victim.

If you have been bullied and haven’t talked to someone about it, find a friend and have a talk. It will help you build strength in yourself to not be bullied again. If you know someone who has been bullied, but they haven’t come to you yet to share what has happened, don’t pressure them. They will come to you when they are ready – just keep being a friend to them.

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