Since Nationals this past July I have been unable to get back into training due to some nagging injuries that have been bothering me for a while that I needed to to get addressed. So needless to say I have had a lot of time to sit back and reflect on a lot of different things while continuing to pursue my other goals.

One of the biggest things I reflected on was the injuries I have endured over the years due to my sport of choice. I just did this because when you’re actively in the mode of training and competing you don’t always think about what has happened to your body. As an athlete we just want to get healthy again as quick as possible to rejoin the sport. I have endured approximately 18 broken bones, 1 dislocated knee cap, 1 torn labrum, 1 torn UCL, 1 torn intercostal, 1 torn interocious membrane, 2 surgeries and a couple concussions.

I mention this to you because after all the reflecting on what has been inflicted on my body I still have an undying passion for my sport with everything it has put me through. Needless to say, I still have that urge to get in the gym and get into the grind of training because I love the process of what is involved in preparing for the highest level of competition.

I heard a quote the other day watching the National Championship, “The only thing worse than losing is not even trying to win”. This quote really resinated with me on many deep levels because of what has gone on inside and outside of my sport. There is never anytime to make excuses in life because life is to short. If there is something you want to accomplish then go after it and get it done! If you love doing something then do it and don’t make an excuse! Get the job done!

I’m closing in on 2 months post-op on my elbow and at the same time have been busting my hump to get my 2nd college diploma by May of this year. This is something that has been a goal of mine to accomplish for a while and now the process is almost done, but I never stopped when the opportunity was there and didn’t make an excuse when it got tough. I just got the job done the only way I know how, put my nose to the grind and put in the time and the work. Very soon I will be able to say that I not only have 1 college degree but 2 college degrees, and I will be able to set a new goal and accomplish it through the same process.

<strong>World watch out!!</strong>

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