Spring Break (and hopefully warmer weather) is on it’s way! Get your upper body into shape so that you’re prepared for the gun show.

This HICT strength training workout is broken down into two parts. Let me know how it goes for you on my Facebook page.

Part 1: Push-up Wheel
Start out by doing a single Push-up, followed by a 10 second rest. Then move on to 2 Push-ups with another 10 second rest. Follow this pattern to 11 Pushups, rest for a little bit and repeat the wheel (of death). You are doing a 66 Push-ups each time you complete the wheel, making your final total 132!

Part 2: Bicep Curls Wheel
Start out by doing 11 Bicep Curls with the weight of your choice, then take a 10 second rest. Go down to 10 Bicep Curls followed by another 10 rest. Follow this pattern until you finish your last curl, then repeat! Keep in mind that you will be doing a total of 132 curls when you’re choosing your weight.

Download hi-res photo (this best option if you are printing it out)


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