If your New Year’s Resolution is to get in better shape, here’s your golden ticket to keep you working hard and pushing yourself through the next month without giving up! ¬†Better yet, these workouts can be done inside or outside.

The Details

This 30 Day Cardio Challenge starts off mild and ramps up gradually so that by the time you are halfway through, you should be pushing yourself hard without overtaxing or straining your body. If you have limited space, turn your sprints into back-and-forth dashes.

Are you taking the challenge? Comment on my Facebook post and let me know how it’s going for you!

Will this help you loose weight? It definitely can. However, remember that your body is made of 75% what you eat, 15% how you workout, and 10% genetics. For some people, the biggest battle is the kitchen, so surround yourself with healthy food when you tackle this challenge to get the most out of your results. Put some high-octane fuel in your tank and enhance your body’s performance!


Download and print out the hi-res image.

Watch this video to improve your sprint technique.

Kickstart your metabolism with this 30 Day Cardio Challenge. Work your way up to your goal and add this to this month's routine.

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