Alright guys, so I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog, video or workout graphic. So I thought I’d let you in on what has been going on over the last several months that has been keeping me away. 

Some of you know at the end of last year I went through a surgery on my elbow that was causing me some major issues with daily activities. That whole ordeal put me out of training and really the ability to workout for several months. While recovering from that I was finishing my last requirement for my bachelors degree from IUPUI and was completing my internship at a local High School. Good news is I have finally graduated with my degree in Kinesiology from IUPUI and have completed the first half of my CSCS Certification and should be taking the second half in the next few weeks. 

Now I am currently back teaching Taekwondo classes and working with our Competition Team to get them ready for the next level. Also I have accepted a position at the High School I was interning at as the Assisstant Strength and Conditioning Coach. I will be working along side the Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator to develop and implement Strength Programs for the Athletic Weights classes and after school programs for our sports teams. 

I am hoping to get back to shooting workout videos and “How To” videos for you soon. I hope you can be patient and stick in there with me as I find time in this busy new schedule to get it done. I am also thinking about starting a weekly vlog to take you through my life of what everything is like. If that is something you’d like to see, comment and let me know. 

Thanks again for all the support and please continue to read and watch all my posts and videos. 

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