Dynamic Winter Warm-up

Welcome to winter. It’s cold, it’s snowy, and it’s full of ice. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a work out! Really, the cold weather is no excuse not to work out. Clear yourself a path and run through this dynamic workout to get your body ready-to-go for your outdoor run.  I stayed warm with this training jacket from Nike. Check out how it stood up against the elements.

  1. High Knees, 10 meters: Drive your knees up and make your arms violent
  2. Glute Kicks, 10 meters: When your knee lifts, bring your heel to your glute
  3. A-Skips, 10 meters: Drive your knees up while you skip forward
  4. B-Skips, 10 meters: Extend your leg out and claw the floor while you skip forward
  5. C-Skips, 10 meters: Bring your knee up, down, out, down and up again while skipping forward
  6. Side Shuffle, 10 meters: Stay low to the ground and make sure you switch sides!
  7. Carioca, 10 meters: Make sure you rip your knee up as your foot crosses in front.


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